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Aug. 26


2 Women Charged In Christi Estates Murder Could Face Death Penalty—-All
4 suspects in the homicide are now in custody

What makes this case a capital murder is the suspicion that robbery was
allegedly involved. And while the woman may not have actually been the
actual shooters in the case, they were allegedly involved in the crime.

Both woman who appeared in jail uniforms have extensive criminal records.

Police say the 2 took part in the botched robbery in July that led to the
shooting death of 31 year old Jose Vasquez. Both are being held on
$250,000.00 21-year old Heather Warden and 26-year old Andrea Mitchell
were advised of their rights and introduced to their court appointed bond.
Judge Maricela Saldana increased Warden's bond to $500,000.00 since Ward
was already on parole for auto theft when the alleged murder occurred.

The women will make another court appearance if and when the case is
indicted by the grand jury.

37 year old Charles Orr was arrested in Hollywood, California last week.

The process of extraditing him back to Corpus Christi are already under
way. Investigators believe Orr was the trigger man in this homicide.

(source: KIII TV News)