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Dec. 2


Edinburg Massacre convict loses death row appeal

An inmate convicted for providing assault weapons to gang members lost his
case in state appeals court last week.

Rodolfo Alvarez Medrano, 29, was convicted for providing assault weapons
used by fellow members of the Tri-City Bombers gang to kill 6 men during a
pair of marijuana robberies at homes in Edinburg in 2003, the Associated
Press reported.

Medrano, also indicted for the slayings of 4 women in Donna in 2002, was
not present at the Edinburg murder scenes and was convicted under Texas'
law of parties.

Medrano's case went before the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Nov. 26.

In his appeal, Medrano, known as "Kreeper," raised 34 challenges to his
conviction and sentence, including questions about whether the evidence
was sufficient to support his conviction, that his rights were violated by
a conspiracy charge, and that evidence of the Donna murders improperly was
admitted, the Associated Press reported.

No date has been set for the execution of Medrano, who has sat on death
row since Sept. 8, 2005.

(source: The Monitor)