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Jan. 6


Making death penalty personal …

Re: "Unit's funding should go elsewhere," by Nancy Black, Sunday Letters.

I would like to ask Black how much of the taxpayers' money would you say
it was worth to set a man free who was innocent of the crime of which he
was convicted.

How much would you say it was worth if you happened to be the one
wrongfully convicted?

Farris Williams, Whitney

… but sentence still fits at times

Re: "Our Resolve — We pledge to push these issues in 2009," Sunday

There is no question we must exercise more vigilance and caution when
imposing the death sentence in future capital murder cases. But abolishing
the death penalty altogether is too extreme, especially when there are
plenty of slam-dunk, irrefutable open-and-shut cases out there.

The death penalty is needed — not so much as a deterrent, but to ensure
that the guilty won't perpetuate their crimes in or out of prison and that
my tax dollars aren't used to sustain a life not worth saving.

Gary S. Black, Dallas

… in a law-and-order state

Re: "Our Resolve — We pledge to push these issues in 2009," Sunday
Editorials, and "Newspapers — don't read 'em … and weep — We complain,
but we'll miss them when they're gone, says Kathleen Parker," Saturday

The people of Texas overwhelmingly support capital punishment. Not just
for sentencing purposes as in other states, but as something that actually
happens — eventually. We are proud of our heritage as a no-nonsense,
law-and-order state. The message is clear: If you want to kill somebody,
don't do it in Texas.

There has yet to be any evidence of an innocent person being executed in
Texas, in spite of years of trying by every anti-capital punishment group
on the planet, none of which seem to care much about the crime victims or
their families.

As a native Texan, I have read The Dallas Morning News all my life. I
remember when it was the conservative choice in Dallas. Now I get annoyed
pretty much every weekend when I read all of the bleeding-heart stories
about the plight of illegal immigrants and convicted killers.

The News had a column last week about the death of mainstream media. It's
this kind of left-wing nonsense that is sealing the coffin.

Linda Caster, Frisco

(source: Letters to the Editor, Dallas Morning News)