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Jan. 11


14 scheduled for execution in Texas

A Fort Worth, Texas, man convicted of shooting and setting his victims on
fire is among 14 men to be executed in Texas by April 7, authorities say.

Curtis Moore, 40, was convicted of killing 3 people in 1995 in a drug deal
that turned into a robbery, The Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram reported

Moore shot and killed Roderick Moore, 24 and LaTonya Deshae Boone, 21, and
dumped their bodies by the side of the road, the Star-Telegram reported.
The same day, Moore forced Henry Truevillian Jr., 20, and Darrell Hoyle,
into the trunk of car, shot them, poured gasoline on them and set them on
fire, police said.

Hoyle kicked open the trunk and ran, clothing on fire, into some woods,
where he said he fooled Curtis by playing dead. Truevillian died in the

Texas has scheduled the most executions so far this year of the 36 states
that allow executions. In the 35 other states combined, a total of 9
people are to die by April 7, the Star-Telegram reported.

(source: United Press International)