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July 28


Father of slain infant: mom 'should burn in hell'

He waited for her on Saturday, hoping to see his son, Scott. The boy's
mother, Otty Sanchez, had called the husband, Scott Buchholz, and said she
would bring their 3-week-old infant son to Buckholz's mother's house on
the northeast side of San Antonio.

So Buchholz waited. Sanchez arrived an hour late, baby Scott in tow.

What he didn't know was that it would be the last time he'd ever see his

Days earlier, Buchholz and Sanchez had broken up, and ever since, Buchholz
had become worried about his son. He says last week, Sanchez was admitted
to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Sanchez was diagnosed with
schizophrenia at the hospital, Buchholz says.

The Associated Press confirms that other relatives have said Sanchez was
suffering from both schizophrenia and postpartum psychosis.

Buchholz, too, is a schizophrenic. At the age of 4, he sustained a head
injury when he fell out of a vehicle. When he joined the Army in the mid
1990s, he was given a psychiatric evaluation and diagnosed with

At the hospital, Sanchez hand wrote a letter outlining who should get
custody of her baby, Scott. The letter was never formally filed, though
from the document, it appears Sanchez was worried about losing her son to

Upon being discharged from the hospital, she went to stay with her sister
and mother in the 300 block of Wayside Drive.

Finally, on Saturday, just hours before Sanchez allegedly decapitated,
mutilated and cannibalized her infant son, Sanchez and baby Scott arrived
at Buchholz's mother's home. There, Buchholz says he asked for copies of
the baby's birth certificate and other documents, but Sanchez grabbed the
baby and left. He says Sanchez left behind the baby's bag and formula,
along with her purse and medication.

Buchholz says his mother called 911 soon after. She was concerned because
Sanchez failed to properly secure the baby's car seat in the vehicle.

KENS 5 has requested a copy of the 911 phone call. The Bexar County
Sheriff's Office says the call may be part of the criminal investigation.

Buchholz last spoke with Sanchez by phone Saturday night. He was at a
Whitesnake and Judas Priest concert when Sanchez called him. He says he
asked her if they could be a family again. "She just stated that she
wasn't going to be with me no more, and she wasn't going to let me raise
my child," Buchholz said.

Sunday morning, around 5 a.m., police responded to a call on Wayside
Drive. There, they found Sanchez on a couch, crying. She told police that
she had killed baby Scott and wanted to kill herself.

Police allege that Sanchez used a knife and 2 swords to decapitate her
son. They say that she ingested several of the boy's body parts.

Sanchez was admitted to the hospital with 3 self-inflicted stab wounds. By
Tuesday afternoon, she was in the Bexar County Jail, being held on a $1
million bond. She's charged with capital murder.

Now Buchholz wants justice for his son. He says mental issues or not, he
believes Sanchez knew right from wrong and should be held accountable.

"I think she should be punished to the fullest extent of the law,"
Buchholz said. "That's what I think should happen. She killed my son; she
should burn in hell."

(source: KENS News)