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Oct. 1


Segura sentenced to life without parole

After deliberating for 3 hours, a Travis County jury sentenced Albert
Segura to life in prison without parole.

Segura, 37, was present for the verdict. Since Tuesday, he had refused to
attend the proceedings. Sheriffs deputies testified that Segura wanted to
remain in the jail to watch TV and talk to family.

"We're very thankful for the jury's verdict," defense lawyer Ariel Payan
said after the verdict was read. "Mr. Segura is, too. He told us that."

Segura was convicted Monday of capital murder in the deaths of Billy Gene
Ferguson, 28, and Ferguson's mother, Patricia Smith, 51.

During the trial, witnesses testified that Segura shot Ferguson in a
southern Travis County home after hearing that a mutual friend had called
Segura a snitch. Then Segura kidnapped Smith, who lived in the home with
her son, walked her into a Hays County field and returned without her, a
witness testified.

Smith's body was found shot in that same field 3 weeks later.

(source: Austin American-Statesman)