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Nov. 25


Hernandez Gets Death Sentence For Double Murder

A jury sentenced Fabian Hernandez to death in the killing of his estranged
wife and her boyfriend.

Hernandez showed little emotion as his death sentence was handed down
Wednesday afternoon, while tears flowed freely from others in the

Hernandez's attorney said his client now feels anxious about the future of
his family, including his 2 children.

Hernandez turned down an opportunity to speak in court, but relatives of
the 2 victims, Renee Hernandez and Arturo Fonseca, had a few words for

"This man deserves what he got," said Fonseca's father. "I want you to
understand that I will never forget you, and you may rot in hell."

Three weeks ago, the jury found Hernandez guilty on 2 counts of capital
murder. Both victims were shot in the head in November 2006.

Renee Hernandez's mother said, "I wish you would look at me so you could
see my pain … you could feel my heartache."

She said, "I did not come into this courtroom asking for an eye for an
eye, only justice, and I got that."

But Hernandez's sister, who chose to remain unidentified, said the jury
was not allowed to hear the whole story.

"I'm not trying to excuse anything," she said. "But I think he should have
had a fair trial. And she [the judge] should have been open to both sides,
not just the DA's side."

Because Hernandez received the death penalty, by Texas law the decision
must be automatically reviewed and appealed.

Hernandez's attorney said he will file a motion for a new trial.

(source: KFOX TV News)