KBTV: DA will seek death penalty

Jan. 14


Liberty County Authorities Will Pursue Death Penalty

Liberty police say the district attorney’s office will seek the death
penalty for Stevie “Bubba” Walder. Walder is charged with capital murder
for the shooting death of a Liberty convenience store owner on Christmas.

50-year-old Naushad Virani was found with a gunshot wound to the head
behind the store counter.

Investigators say Walder fled the scene. He was arrested 2 days later in

Walder is in the Liberty County Jail on a $2 million bond. He’s isolated
from the rest of the inmates, because he had been causing problems. But
authorities say he continues to harass jailers.

Police say the motive for the murder was robbery. And although authorities
believe Walder was a white supremacist, they don’t believe the crime was
racially or religiously motivated.

(source: KBTV News)