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TCADP’s 2015 August Alert: Death penalty continues to fall out of favor

In this edition of our monthly e-newsletter, you’ll find information on three people scheduled to be executed this month by the State of Texas, as well as links to recent editorials and opinion pieces that address declining use of the death penalty in Texas. There’s also a special preview of an upcoming episode of CNN’s “Death Row Stories.”

Cathy Henderson Travis County

Death Penalty Off the Table for Cathy Lynn Henderson

Today the Travis County District Attorney’s Office announced that it will not seek another death sentence for Cathy Lynn Henderson, who will be retried on charges of capital murder in […]

Cathy Henderson death penalty Texas. Court of Criminal Appeals

CCA Overturns Conviction of Cathy Lynn Henderson, Orders New Trial

Today the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals upheld the recommendation of Judge Jon Wisser that Cathy Lynn Henderson should receive a new trial based on evolving scientific understanding of infant head […]

152 Cathy Henderson executions George Bush Governor Perry James Clark

Governor Perry about to match Bush’s Texas Execution Record!

With the upcoming scheduled execution of James Clark on April 11, Governor Perry will officially equal former Governor Bush’s record of 152 executions during his term in office, and bypass […]