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Attorneys for Marcus Druery Request Stay of Execution

Yesterday, July 26, 2012, attorneys for Marcus Druery filed a request for a stay of execution with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  Druery is scheduled to be executed on […]

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Surviving Crime Victim Sues Governor, TDCJ for Violation of Rights

For the past few months, Rhais Bhuiyan has been speaking out in opposition to the death penalty for the man who shot him, blinding his right eye and leaving bullet fragments in […]

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U.S. Supreme Court Urged to Stay Execution of Humberto Leal Garcia

On Monday, Humberto Leal Garcia’s attorneys and the Mexican government jointly appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to stay Leal’s execution. Three judges on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued a concurring opinion which stated that the pardons board and Governor Perry should stay Mr. Leal’s execution.

Cameron Todd Willingham Craig Baylor Governor Perry Texas Forensic Science Commission

Texas Forensic Science Commission to reopen Willingham case

The Texas Forensic Science Commission is set to meet on April 23, 2010 in Irving, Texas to discuss the number of cases put on hold since Governor Perry’s decision late […]

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Skinner Attorneys File Reprieve Letter

From the StandDown Texas Project: Attorneys representing Hank Skinner have formally asked Governor Rick Perry to issue a 30-day reprieve of Skinner’s March 24 execution date and to order DNA […]

Governor Perry jeff wood law of parties michael rodriguez

Texas Stoops to a New Low

2 men convicted under the controversial Texas’ Law of Parties statute are scheduled to be executed within the same week as each other (Michael Rodriguez on August 14th and Jeff […]

152 Cathy Henderson executions George Bush Governor Perry James Clark

Governor Perry about to match Bush’s Texas Execution Record!

With the upcoming scheduled execution of James Clark on April 11, Governor Perry will officially equal former Governor Bush’s record of 152 executions during his term in office, and bypass […]