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Maryland Senate Passes Abolition Legislation

Earlier today, the Maryland Senate passed SB 276, a bill to replace the death penalty with life without parole, by a vote of 27-20.  The vote occurred after three days of debate.  It was the first time in decades that the full Senate considered repeal legislation, as previous efforts in that body had been blocked by […]

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New Death Row Exoneration: Damon Thibodeaux, Louisiana

Today, September 28, 2012, Damon Thibodeaux became the 18th death row inmate to be proven innocent by DNA and the 300th person overall to be exonerated by DNA evidence in the United States.  Thibodeaux served 15 years in solitary confinement on death row in Angola, Louisiana.  A Jefferson Parish judge overturned his conviction for the 1997 murder […]

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New National Registry of Exonerations

The National Registry of Exonerations is a joint project of the University of the Michigan Law School and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law, maintaining an up to date list of all known exonerations in the United States since 1989. Browse the Registry. Texas Highlights Of the 891 exonerations listed […]

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Sanders: Time to End the Death Penalty in Texas

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram features a new piece by regular columnist Bob Ray Sanders entitled “Time to End the Death Penalty in Texas” (April 10, 2012).  In his column, Sanders cites the recent DNA exonerations in Dallas County and legislative progress towards repealing the death penalty other states as two (among many) reasons to do […]

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Op Ed: Addressing the Causes of Wrongful Convictions

On Sunday, September 5, 2010, the Houston Chronicle featured a must-read op ed from State Senator Rodney Ellis and Cory Session, the policy director for the Innocence Project of Texas and the brother Timothy Cole.  The op ed addresses the recent recommendations issued by the Timothy Cole Advisory Panel on Wrongful Convictions.  According to Ellis and […]

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Two DNA Exonerations in Harris County in One Week

In the last six days, two men from Harris County have been released from prison due to DNA evidence of their wrongful conviction.    A state district judge has ordered the release of Michael Anthony Green, who served more than 27 years in prison on a rape charge, the longest of any exonerated person in […]