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TCADP March 2014 Alert: Spring into Action

In This Edition: Find information on Scheduled Executions, Death Penalty Developments, Featured Events, TCADP 2014 Conference Pictures and Video, What is In the News, Shopping with Amazon, and upcoming Calendar and Volunteer Opportunities.

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December 2013 Texas Death Penalty Alert: Announcing TCADP’s Annual Award Winners

If you missed the monthly TCADP alert sent on December 3, see this post for more information about coming events, breaking news, and ways you can be involved in ending the death penalty in Texas.

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Two New Op-Eds Call for Abolition of Death Penalty

This week, two major Texas newspapers featured op-eds calling for the abolition of the death penalty. In the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (“‘Myth of violence’ drives capital punishment,” May 1, 2012), […]

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Sanders: Time to End the Death Penalty in Texas

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram features a new piece by regular columnist Bob Ray Sanders entitled “Time to End the Death Penalty in Texas” (April 10, 2012). ┬áIn his column, Sanders […]