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TCADP July 2021 Newsletter: Film renews scrutiny of the wrongful execution of Carlos DeLuna

In this edition Scheduled executions: Four executions currently scheduled for the Fall of 2021 In case you missed it: Documentary film The Phantom renews scrutiny of the wrongful execution of Carlos DeLuna; Raymond […]

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TCADP July 2018 Alert: Taking responsibility

In this edition of our monthly newsletter, you’ll find updates on the scheduled execution of Chris Young as well as the cases of Bobby Moore and Andre Thomas. You’ll also find details about a recent public opinion poll on the death penalty in Texas and party platform positions on capital punishment.

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TCADP July 2016 Alert: 40 years of the “modern” death penalty era

In this edition of our monthly newsletter, you’ll find observations on the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision Gregg v. Georgia, as well as a recap of important death penalty developments in the last month. You’ll also find information about scheduled executions and a new report on America’s deadliest prosecutors.

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New Report Names Former Texas Prosecutor Among Top Five Deadliest Prosecutors in America

A new report from Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project identifies America’s five deadliest head prosecutors out of the thousands that have held that office in the last 40 years. It specifically names Johnny Holmes, who served as the District Attorney of Harris County, Texas from 1979 to 2000; during his tenure, his office secured at least 200 death sentences. Since 2008, by contrast, Harris County juries have sent an average of one person to death row each year.

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40th Anniversary of Furman v. Georgia; Death Penalty Still “Arbitrary, Capricious, and Discriminatory”

Today, June 29, 2012, marks 40 years since the United States Supreme Court overturned all existing death penalty laws, ruling in the case of Furman vs. Georgia (1972) that the […]

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The death penalty: Still arbitrary, capricious, and discriminatory

July 2 marked the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision Gregg v. Georgia (1976), which upheld the newly crafted death penalty statutes of several states (including that of Texas) […]