5 in Tennessee?

Our abolitionist and Southern brother Randy Tatel of the Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing, known in the blogging world as Tennessee Dude, appeared on the nationally syndicated independent TV/radio show “Democracy Now! ” earlier today.

He was discussing the 5 executions (2 of which are considered serious) currently scheduled for next Wednesday June 28.

Here some of what Randy Tatel had to say:

“Tennessee has had only one execution since 1960, and that was in April of 2000. And as it turns out, Robert Glen Coe, who was executed then by lethal injection, was a severely mentally ill individual who was taking over 20 medications at the time of his execution to manage his multiple diagnosed mental illnesses. So that’s one execution in over 16,000 days here in Tennessee. And now suddenly we’re faced with having two executions on the same night. “

Click here for the entire interview.