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TCADP April 2020 Newsletter: Case updates; exonerations in 2019; and recommended media

In this edition of our monthly newsletter, you’ll find updates on scheduled executions and other Texas death penalty cases, a new report on exonerations in 2019, and recommended films, podcasts and other popular media on the death penalty.

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Counties Bear the Expense of Capital Murder Trials

The Hillsboro Reporter, in Hill County, Texas, features an important article about the cost of capital murder trials and the impact these cases might have on the county budget. The article notes that “this time last year, the county was facing two capital murder trials with court-appointed lawyers as budget time approached,” and that this […]

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International Coverage of Death Penalty Decline Rates in Texas

With the Supreme Court stay of Hank Skinner’s execution on March 24, 2010 much attention has been drawn to the capital punishment system in Texas and recent trends which may suggest a slow death of the institution. An article by BBC News “Is the death penalty on death row?” (March 30, 2010) cites the steady […]

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In-depth Look at Recent Death Penalty Trends in Texas

The Crime Report, an independent non-partisan medium for issues relating to crime and justice, published an article on March 7, 2010 called “The Death Penalty in Texas: A Change in Heart?” The article focuses on recent trends in Texas regarding the decreasing number of death sentences across the state, most notably in Harris County. Harris […]

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"Time for Texas to kill death penalty" reports University of Houston student newspaper

A March 1, 2010 article in the University of Houston student newspaper The Daily Cougar sites the misconceptions regarding the effectiveness, cost, and ethics behind the administering of the death penalty in Texas. “To be clear, justice is something everyone wants. No perfect system exists, but Texans should demand solutions from their elected officials within […]

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Cost of the Death Penalty Trials Deterring Prosecutors

According to an article in today’s Amarillo Globe-News, “Death penalty pursuit: cost vs. certainty” (February 1, 2010), local prosecutors are weighing the cost of death penalty trials when deciding whether or not to seek a death sentence in capital murder cases. The exorbitant cost of pursuing the death penalty appears to be one of the […]