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TCADP January 2021 Newsletter: Executions set to resume in Texas, federally this month

In this edition of our monthly newsletter, you’ll find information on three federal executions scheduled for next week, as well as an execution set in Texas on January 21. Also, Anthony Graves reflects on 10 years of freedom since his exoneration and Alfred Dewayne Brown finally will be compensated by the State of Texas for his wrongful incarceration and decade on death row.

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TCADP April 2020 Newsletter: Case updates; exonerations in 2019; and recommended media

In this edition of our monthly newsletter, you’ll find updates on scheduled executions and other Texas death penalty cases, a new report on exonerations in 2019, and recommended films, podcasts and other popular media on the death penalty.

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July 2019 Alert: Still arbitrary, capricious, and discriminatory

In this edition of our monthly newsletter, you’ll find updates on exonerations in Texas and nationwide, as well as a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning a conviction due to egregious racial bias in the jury selection process. We also mark the anniversary of the Court’s decision, Gregg v. Georgia, which paved the way for the resumption of executions in this country.

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Alfred Dewayne Brown deemed “actually innocent”

Alfred Dewayne Brown was declared “actually innocent” today by the Harris County District Attorney’s (DA) Office.  DA Kim Ogg accepted the findings of a special prosecutor appointed by her office in […]

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New evidence strengthens Alfred Dewayne Brown’s death row exoneration

Late in the day on Friday, March 2, 2018, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced the discovery of an email proving that prosecutors knowingly withheld critical evidence in the […]

TCADP Annual Conference

TCADP 2017 Annual Conference to meet this weekend in Austin

Advocates from across Texas will gather this Saturday, February 18, 2017 in Austin for the 19th annual conference of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (TCADP). This event, Moving to Higher Ground, will feature workshops, a keynote address, and a panel discussion featuring five local print and radio journalists who cover death penalty issues.

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TCADP December 2016 Alert: Announcing the 2017 Award Recipients

In this edition of our monthly alert, you’ll find information about the last execution scheduled to take place in Texas this year, as well as announcements related to the TCADP 2017 Annual Conference and coverage of a recent U.S. Supreme Court hearing about intellectual disabilities in a Texas death penalty case.

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TCADP October Alert: Support for death penalty falls to lowest level in 40 years

In this edition of our monthly newsletter, you’ll find information about the latest polling results from the Pew Research Center, which show declining public support for the death penalty across all groups. We also announce the keynote speaker for the TCADP 2017 Annual Conference and share links to new resources and films on the death penalty.