More on Humberto Leal, Violation of Vienna Convention

The Huffington Post features a blog from Sandra Babcock, the attorney for Texas death row inmate Humberto Leal (“Texas Execution Could Risk Americans’ Safety Abroad,”  June 9, 2011).  Leal faces a July 7 execution date, in spite of the fact that he was denied the right to contact the Mexican consul upon his arrest –  a right afforded to him by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.  In her post, Babcock writes:

Without the assistance of the Mexican consulate, Humberto Leal
received disgracefully inadequate legal representation. One of his trial attorneys has been reprimanded or suspended from the practice of law on multiple occasions as a result of ethical violations. Mr. Leal was convicted on the basis of junk ‘bite mark’ science, since discredited by the National Academy of Sciences, and patently unreliable forensic evidence. Although the prosecution’s case was reed thin, his defense failed to effectively challenge any of this evidence. During his sentencing hearing, which lasted only a single day, Mr. Leal’s attorneys failed to present any of the profoundly mitigating evidence that later came to light with the assistance of the Mexican government.

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6 thoughts on “More on Humberto Leal, Violation of Vienna Convention

  1. On June 11, 2011, the Austin American Statesman featured an editorial on Humberto Leal and the international ramifications of his case (“Execution case important to international relations”). The Statesman notes that “Instead of getting legal help from Mexican consular officials, who have a track record of providing quality legal representation for Mexicans facing the death penalty in the U.S., Leal was represented by a court-appointed team that included a lawyer who twice had his license suspended.”

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    Read coverage of the case from Reuters:

  2. Please sign our petition to stop the execution of Humberto Leal.We need to do all we can to abolish the death penalty. Act now, time is limited to July 7th.

    • Murdering a murderer makes you a murderer as well. There’s a reason why only barbaric countries still have the death penalty while civilized countries the world over have long since abolished it. Way to go America! Put yourself down in the category of North Korea and Saudi Arabia! Woo hoo! What a sick country this is.

  3. He brutally murdered a woman leaving his teeth marks on her & admitted it & y’all want him to get off with red tape? What was the Mexican counsel going to tell him? “If you kill some one in the states they might jail and execute you especially Texas? You would think living here illegally for 16yrs he would know this, its not rocket science.

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